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Top Fuel Efficient Automobiles

Cars that allow you to spend less time and money at the pump

Do you ever feel like you are always filling up your gas tank? Are you sick of the incessant hassle and expense of refilling your cars fuel tank? If so, one of these cars may be for you. Fuel misers offer refreshing alternatives to the gas guzzling behemoths found so frequently on today’s roads.

For many cost conscious consumers, good fuel efficiency is a requirement for any prospective automobile. Unfortunately, the phrase "fuel efficient" was often synonymous with "cheap". These fuel misers were traditionally tiny hatchbacks or compacts with little motors and equally miniscule comfort levels. These little three and four cylinder engines became fuel-efficient by limiting the vehicles horsepower and displacement.

These days, aerodynamic designs and upgraded engines allow automobiles to offer the same efficiency without sacrificing style or amenities.

If you are looking to save big bucks at the gas pump, try one of these fuel misers out for size. Try our recommended links below.


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